Who We Are

In the heart of Old Town, the historic district of Key West, you’ll find Shaddow & Fish, a family owned small business offering Something for Everyone. For well over 20 years, we’ve been a staple of the Duval Street shopping community, serving locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re on the way to one of our beautiful sandy beaches, boating off the sundrenched coast, recovering from an epic all-night outing of dining and drinking, or simply lying back at Mallory Square to catch the sun as it sets into the horizon, you’ll find what you’re looking for within our assorted and ever-expanding inventory of resort-wear and accessories. At Shaddow & Fish , we’ve known from the start that everyone has their own fashion needs and styles, which is why we take great pride in our accommodating selection, both in-store and online.

Our stores include Truval Village Market Place at 1007 Duval (our original location), Salt Life at 1022 Duval, The Gift Shop at 500 Truman, and Shaddow & Fish at 1024 Duval.

At Market Place, a true Old Town handcrafted house shop, a cool breeze often blows in through our rustic doors and windows, which remain open morning till night, bringing you back to the days when the building housed a marketplace with various vendors and retailers serving customers sifting and wandering about. In the early Nineties, my esteemed mother, Jill Shaddow, a treasure of the Key West community, took stewardship of the historic structure at 1007 Duval and began building our brand, with me, nicknamed “Fish” throughout the island for my love for the ocean and marine life – and, as some say, for my poor dance skills, as her young apprentice. All of the vibrant artwork, decor, and painting that adorns our store was the personal work of my mother herself, including the hand drawn sign that welcomes our customers every day on our front steps. As the Shaddow & Fish brand came to fruition we learned from our customers, and still do, how best to serve them and our community, while continuing to this day to always grow and evolve. Throughout the nineties and 2000s the other locations as well as Shaddow & Fish were added.

In the winter of 2017, my mother ended her courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a cherished and invaluable legacy, which I continue to nurture and grow through her businesses, life’s work and lessons. So you see, Shaddow & Fish is, in actuality, more than a brand, but rather it is my beloved mother Jill (Shaddow) and I (Fish). It stands for our connection, our partnership, the values she passed on to me, our love for each other and Key West at large.

Today, along with my husband and diligent partner, Shaddow & Fish continues to build on and enhance your shopping experience online, via our digital shop, all the while maintaining the principals and values of our brick and mortar stores of Old Town, Key West, where are hearts will forever be tied. We hope you can come visit us while you vacation (or stay-cation) in person, but you are and will always be more than welcome to visit us online as well.

Jessica and Yoni