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Havaianas Kids Flores Flip Flips


Flower children will love the Kids Flores flip flop. Featuring two sweet floral prints finished with metallic or neon straps. Our signature textured sole keeps feet cool and comfy from sun up to sun down.

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Havaianas Kids Freedom Slim Print Flip Flops


The sun may set but warm summer days linger on the sole of the Kids Freedom Slim Print. Featuring a stylish T-strap shape and adjustable backstrap with a tiny hot air balloon and a waving windsurfer on a watercolor style background.

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Havaianas Kids Slim Fashion Flip Flops


It’s all about the glitter sole with the Kids Slim Fashion. Featuring our bestselling slim silhouette in a glitter cherry print or a glitter tribal print. A tonal Havaianas logo on slim straps completes this stylish look.

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Rainbow Sandals Grombows – Soft Rubber Top Sole with a Neoprene Strap w/Back Strap


The Kids Grombows are soft and squishy. Your Grombows will love their Grombows Guaranteed!

• Soft Rubber Top Sole
• Single Layer – No Arch
• Non–Slip Rainbow Bottom
• Double Stitched Neoprene Strap
• Box X Sewn Toe Piece
• Sewn with Bonded Nylon Thread
• Rainbow Logo on the Strap
• 4 Small Sizes Have a Back Strap

Our kids Grombows are soft and squishy, with a smooth, comfortable neoprene strap. The comfortable toe piece is secured with a box X stitch and is sewn with bonded nylon thread.

The Rainbow logo is found on both the strap and is embossed in the top sole. The bottom is the Rainbow Non-Slip sole. For the toddlers the four smallest sizes come with a back strap attached at the heel, if you don’t need it, just cut it off!

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Rainbow Sandals Kid Capes – Molded Rubber Sandal with a Suede Strap w/Back Strap


Our kids premier leather is on a non-slip Rainbow® bottom with a single layer but no arch. Now the kiddo’s can be just like everyone else.

• Premier Leather
• Single Layer – No Arch
• Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
• Double Stitched Leather Strap
• Military Spec Nylon Toe Piece
• Box X Stitch Pattern
• Sewn with Bonded Nylon Thread
• Original Rainbow® Woven Label
• 4 Small Sizes Have a Back Strap

Our kids are made with top grade nubuck leather for durability and comfort, they are a single layer but do not have an arch because little feet don’t quite need them yet. We use a non-slip bottom sole, which is embossed with the Rainbow® name.

The leather strap is double stitched with bonded nylon thread using a box X stitching pattern. We use the best so that there is no fraying, and the stitching will not pull out. The toe piece is a 2000lb military spec nylon and is triple glued inside the sole.

They are finished off with our Original Rainbow® woven label on the right toe. For the toddlers our four smallest sizes come with a back strap, if you don’t need it just cut it off!

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