Cobian Aloha


Say “Aloooha” to your new favorite pair of sandals (or slippahs as they call them in the islands!). Part of the Bethany Hamilton Collection by Cobian®, this strappy sandal will carry your feet from surfing glassy waves at your home break to cruising at your favorite music festival with ease. A perfect blend of island comfort and bohemian style, the Aloha™ sandal will make your feet feel on vacation every day of the week.

  • Trendy multi-strap upper
  • Lightweight squishy EVA top-sole
  • Low profile base with full arch support
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Cobian Braided Bounce


Our #1 best seller for women! Featuring a soft, braided synthetic strap and ultra-squishy foam top sole, the Braided Bounce™ is designed to deliver supreme comfort with every step. This sandal is durable, comfortable, and has Cobian® quality in its DNA.

  • Soft, braided, synthetic strap with metal icon surftique detail.

  • Squishy EVA top-sole.

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Cobian Cozumel


The epitome of beautiful simplicity, the Cozumel™ sandal is ready for your next tropical get-a-away. Featuring the highest blend of comfort, quality, and value in our line of resort-inspired sandals, the Cozumel™ allows your feet to relax all summer long.

  • Squishy sponge rubber sole
  • Smooth injected strap with metal icon surftique detail
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Cobian Hanelei


Named after her favorite beach on the island of Kauai, the Hanalei™ is part of Bethany Hamilton’s Signature Sandal Collection™. The Hanalei™ is lightweight, low profile, and is sure to provide your toes the comfort of warm sandy beaches no matter where you live!

  • Comfortable, synthetic strap with metal surftique logo.
  • Lightweight squishy EVA top-sole.
  • Low profile base with full arch support.
  • Smooth injected strap with metal icon surftique detail.
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Cobian Heavenly


Featuring a soft, low-profile braided synthetic strap and the same ultra-squishy foam top sole as our best seller, the Braided Bounce™, the Heavenly™ is designed to deliver supreme comfort with every step. This sandal is durable, comfortable, and has Cobian ® quality in its DNA.

  • Soft braided synthetic strap
  • Squishy EVA top-sole.
  • Custom Cobian Outsole.
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Cobian La Playita


Get ready for the ultimate combination of comfort and style! The La Playita™ features Cobian’s new Nuve™ foam footbed, providing the highest level of comfort on the market! Complete with a thin, vegan leather strap and laser engraved topsole, this sandal is our new daily go-to!

  • Water-Friendly
  • Arch Support
  • Synthetic leather strap
  • Multiple Density Outsole with Laser Engraved Top-Sole
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Cobian Lalati


The Lalati™ is a braided strap version of the Cobian® Classic Skinny Bounce™, featuring a soft, braided, synthetic strap and ultra squishy foam top sole to deliver supreme comfort with every step. This sandal is durable, comfortable, and has Cobian® quality in its DNA.

  • Synthetic leather braided strap.

  • Squishy EVA top-sole.

  • Custom Cobian Outsole.

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Cobian Leucadia


Similar to the beach town that shares its name, the Leucadia™ sandal is the perfect combination of style and simplicity. Featuring a skinny, double-braided strap with an ultra squishy foam top sole, the Leucadia™ sandal allows you to relax in Southern California style.

  • Skinny braided synthetic suede strap
  • Lightweight, squishy EVA top-sole
  • Low profile base with full arch support.
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Cobian Nias Bounce


Comfy and cute with effortless style. The synthetic strap ensures irritation free comfort while the squishy footbed with arch support keeps your feet feeling refreshed all day. The Nias Bounce™ is ready keep up with your wanderlust.

    • Comfortable synthetic strap with metal surftique logo

    • Super squishy top-sole

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Cobian Pacifica


The Pacifica™ is collection staple. Standing up to Cobian’s promise of quality and comfort, the Pacifica™ was built with a soft-multi layer outsole and built-in arch support to instantly form to the shape of your foot – no need to “break it in”! Made with our synthetic “get-wet” leather, the Pacifica™ is water friendly and won’t stain your feet. Complete with a little pop of color, the Pacifica™ is beach ready and adventure approved.

  • Synthetic leather top-sole
  • Custom Cobian® Outsole
  • Synthetic leather strap with stitching detail
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Cobian Shimmer


The Shimmer™ Sandal: comfy and cute with a little sparkle. The dressy sister of our Nias Bounce, the Shimmer™ sandal provides Cobian’s endless comfort and arch support with a slim and subtle, metallic strap.

  • Comfortable synthetic strap with metal surftique logo
  • Super squishy top-sole
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Cobian Skinny Bounce


This sandal is resort-ready! Combining a low-profile footbed with a smooth thin synthetic strap, the Skinny Bounce™ is a classic design with fashionable twist. With a contoured EVA footbed this sandal provides flexibility and cushioning with every step. Your feet will feel on vacation every day of the week!

  • Comfortable synthetic strap

  • Squishy EVA top-sole

  • Custom Cobian Outsole

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Havaianas Flatform Fashion Espardille Sandal


Havaianas Origine Flatform Fashion is Havaianas platform version for trendy and daring women. The model features open toes and lateral clasp. It is sold in the colors golden and black, that match everything and give a stylish touch in the look. Versatile looks, that can be worn in the morning or evening at a café or restaurant are perfect for the Origine Flatform, that make any look cooler.

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Havaianas Slim Flip Flops


Havaianas Slim Sandals bring a delicate and feminine design arising from its sole bed shape and slimmer straps. It is perfect for enjoying hot days, complementing the summer look with more comfort. Available in a rainbow of colors

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Havaianas Slim Glitter Flourish


Havaianas Slim Glitter Flourish sandals are delicate and pretty, understated but eye-catching. Featuring a beautiful mix of colors and textures. The glitter on the translucent straps makes this pair extra special. A glamorous and elegant option.

-Strap: PVC
-Logo: Zamak
-Glitter: Polyester
-Outsole / Insole: Rubber
-Midsole: Eva

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Havaianas Slim Logo Metallic Flip Flops


Let your feet shine in the Slim Logo Metallic flip flop. Our classic slim style gets an update with glitter straps adorned with a metallic Havaianas logo while our signature textured sole keeps you cool and comfortable from sand to streets.

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Havaianas Slim Paisage Flip Flops


Summer is year round when you slip into the Slim Paisage. Featuring bright summer landscapes, aerial beach scenes, and bold graphic text printed on our signature textured sole to keep feet comfy from sand to streets. A contrast Havaianas logo on translucent jelly straps completes this fun look.

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Havaianas You Animals Leopard Flip Flops


The popular You silhouette gets a wild update with animal prints. The You Animal flip flop features animal printed vegan leather straps in a neutral color palette you’ll want to pair with everything. A bi-layer footbed keeps feet comfy while offering non-slip durability for city strolls.

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Havaianas You Metallic Flip Flops


Havaianas You Metallic is the first sandal of the brand featuring the characteristic delicate heel of the category. It has been designed due to the big demand by Havaianas fans for a sandal with the same comfort for off-beach occasions. It can be used to match casual and sophisticated looks, as it combines lively colors and laminated straps, with some metallic. It goes well in the city and for the beach promenade, in parks and downtown, at work and at the cinema, to walk around or to go to a trendy party.

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Havaianas You Riviera Flip Flops


Havaianas You Riviera is the iconic back straps sandal offered by Havaianas and a synonym with comfort. Their “T” shape front straps highlight your feet, and is a great option for several occasions. It features solid colors and a metallic logo and adjustable clasp, giving everyone a chance of finding its favorite color. Its casual and yet elegant look fits work and leisure occasions, and goes well at a convention or barbecue, to wear at university or to go out after that.

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