Weekender Linen Shirt Pavilion Long Sleeve


Whether you are taking a stroll along Ipanema Beach, cruising towards the Turks and Caicos on a seaplane or just chillin’ out with close friends, wrap yourself in Weekender’s® Pavilion Shirt. Made of breathable 100% textured linen that has been pre-washed for broken-in comfort . It features a spread collar, Weekender® inscribed button-thru pocket, back pleats for added comfort, adjustable button cuffs and square hem to be worn tucked in or out. Just sit back and relax while the shirt does all the work.

  • 100% Finest Linen
  • Island Washed for Broken-In Comfort
  • Long Sleeve
  • Adjustable Button Cuffs
  • Spread Collar with Single Button Collar Band
  • Button-Thru Matched Front Pocket
  • Square Hem with Vents
  • Weekender® Inscribed Buttons
  • Two Rear Pleats for a More Comfortable Fit
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